Saturday, September 30, 2006

I am Back.....

It has been a while, huh? I somehow seem to have gotten out of the blog habit again and then when I thought about it there was nothing really to talk about. Sooooooo, I just didn't write.

But I do finally have something to talk about ----> We finally closed on the property that RK Family Investments (read Jock, Lynne, Todd and Greg) are buying. It was a huge uphill battle. Being a huge first deal for the four of us we really wanted to try to get the best deal that we possibly could. We started this back at the end of February and finally brought it to a close yesterday. There were many, many sticking points along the way - hence the reason that it took so long. We worked out most of them, didn't get everything that we wanted but feel like we have a solid deal. The last battle was the hardest. It was the man with the property next to us; we need to gain access through his property. If we were rich developers we would have just told him that we would plat his land, build the road and the curb and gutter. Well, we aren't the rich developers so we tried to work the best deal we could. In the end we did get him to agree to an easement - although it is movable but there should still be access. Anyway, we went at 1:00 yesterday afternoon and signed the papers to buy 22.5 acres of land for $1.10 per square foot. We believe that if we can hold onto this for a few years we can sell it for at least triple that and make some nice money. In the worst case we believe that we can sell for at least $1.50 right now. So, we are now a company and we now own land. Very exciting! We went out to dinner last night to celebrate at Ted' Montana Grill. It was a fun evening - the kids were really good, all the family members were happy and the food was good - a great night!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fun Day

We had such a great day as a family today!! We have been so busy lately that there has been no slow down. And while I really don't mind the busy it is nice to have a day that is absolutely and completely empty. We had nothing that had to be done. So what did we do??

5:30 - Peyton up - poor kid is fighting a cold and work up because she was so stuffed she couldn't suck her thumb and breathe from her nose. She got in bed with us and she and I snuggled up.

6:30 - Remi up - he asked Peyton to come with him to watch a cartoon - what a great kid!!! Takes her so that I can sleep a bit longer!!

7:15 - I wake up and come down and make coffee and check in at ScrapAddict and check email and watch Sunday Morning.

7:45 - kids wander down and play together.

8:00 - Jock up and he goes to the store for eggs and juice for breakfast.

8:15 - while he is gone I start the bacon and potatoes.

9:00 - eat breakfast

9:30 - watch ESPN football news and set our Fantasy Football team - who to play and who to sit??? That is the question.

10:00 - Read the paper and relax and continue watching the football shows.

10:30 - Remi calls Griffin and then goes to play at his house.

11:00 - the Broncos play - we watch and I scrapbook. Peyton falls asleep on the couch - poor kid is not feeling good!

12:30 - Remi and Griffin show up at our house and play for a bit - Peyton wakes up.

1:00 - We decide to head to the park to shoot off Remi's Estes rocket that he got for his bday. Only one rocket works but all the kids (Jock included) LOVE it and want to do more.

1:15 - quick run to the hobby store to buy more engines and then back to the park to shoot it off three more times.

2:00 - return home - Griffin goes home but Remi is going to go to the movie with his family in just a bit.

2:15 - Remi finds a fun computer game for us to play while we watch more football. We are beating my brother - otherwise known as the "champ" in our fantasy football game this week!!!!

4:00 - Make a sandwich for Remi for dinner before he leaves for the movie and Peyton decides that she MUST have Macs and Cheese.

4:30 - Remi leaves for the movie. Peyton and I play for a while and I check in at ScrapAddict.

5:30 - Peyton in the bath

6:00 - I read to Peyton and get her in her jammies.

7:15 - Jock takes Peyton to bed.

7:30 - Remi gets home from the movie - he had a great time! I am so glad that he and Griffin are getting to be better and better friends!

7:45 - Remi up to brush his teeth and then read in bed.

8:00 - Jock up to take Remi to bed (we take turns taking the kids each night)

8:15 - Jock and I watch tv and chat and I hang out a bit at ScrapAddict.

9:30 - Football game ends - we are ahead in our fantasy football game 76 to 62 and our best player plays tomorrow!! Maybe we can even win the weekly money - well that may be a bit over the top but hopefully we can get a week 1 win!!!

9:34 - Now - we are watching the news and I am going to finish this post do a few more posts at ScrapAddict and then head to bed.

Altogether a great and lazy day!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hunting Season Begins

Jock looks forward to this weekend all year long. Hunting is truly something that pleases him to the core of his being. It is more then a hobby for him - he probably should have been born a mountain man a few hundred years ago. So he was off Thurs evening and went to the Rockies vs Mets baseball game with my dad and then stayed at his house which is an hour closer to the hunting area. He said they got home at like midnight and then stayed up and chatted for a while and finally he went to bed only to pop out of bed at 4:00 to head up to Greeley to hunt. This from my hubby that can seriously nap in the afternoon and then fall asleep at 6:00 for the whole night. The man has no idea what insomnia is. LOL! But they have had a great time and have been fairly successful so I guess all is well.

I don't mind hunting season because it means unlimited nighttime scrapping time. Not that I have been that productive this weekend. And I am not sure why - I was so read: new goodies to scrap with and I was all organized with my challenges left to do from ScrapAddict but I have only gotten three pages done. Strange. But I have another page out on the desk that I am going to do right after updating here. I thought I had another night of scrapping tonight but Jock called and said he was going to head home this afternoon sometime. So, while it will be nice to have him back home I really will not get the scrapping I had planned done. Oh, well, that is the thing about hunting - there is always another trip coming up.