Wednesday, January 11, 2012

December Project 12

So my last summary of 2011. I have so enjoyed doing this project and although they are not continuing it in the same way this next year, I think I probably will.

I am anxious to see what they are doing but I suspect it is 12 photos on the 12th and while that would be fun, it really is not the same. I love that this give a nice snapshot of our life each month. With 12 photos on one day you have a great snapshot of that day but you really don't have a complete picture of the month. I always say, if I never scrapbook another picture from 2010 and 2011 it would be ok, because I really feel like I have a nice picture of our lives done. So, anyway, I love Project 12 and here is the last one for 2011.

We had a busy month! Peyton finished her Nutcracker performances, Remi had a MESA competition plus had to build his own molecules. We had my birthday with a wonderful dinner at moms house. Colston had a performance at preschool that was absolutely darling! we made Christmas cookies and delivered trays to friends. We went to the mountains to cut down our Christmas tree as always. we had Christmas Eve at our house and then after we opened presents at our house on Christmas morning, we went to Tam and Pattys for lunch and then went to dad's for the boy's birthdays and a game night. We finished the month with New Year's Eve at Todd and Jackie's house, although we were back home intime to celebrate the new year with daddy and Colston(well, Colston was asleep).