Monday, April 23, 2012

March Project 12

Here is my Project 12 layout for this month. A lot of spring break pictures, the start of baseball season, that same picture of Rem with his Hunter Safety stuff, a choir concert, taking one of our trucks to preschool and of course Colston's 4th birthday.

I used a Sketch Support sketch for the layout.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Bella Blvd Challenge - Day 3: Use Patterned Paper as and Embellishment

I didn't know if I was going to be able to do it but thanks to a nice nap time I got this last challenge page done. Our family loves to play badminton, so summer is often badminton season. We leave the net up a lot and you never know who you are going to find out there playing. These are pictures from different times last summer.

The challenge was to use the Bella patterned paper as an embellishment so I cut some fun flowers on my Cameo out of several different papers.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Bella Blvd Challenge - Day 2

Well, I made 10 out of 12 layouts this month as far as layouts done for my BPC class 12. So this is my "me" page. It is about the accomplishment I felt climbing something here in town called The Incline. It is where a cable car used to go up Pikes Peak now it is a favorite place to climb. It is a crazy climb. It is only about a mile and a half up but gains 2,000 feet and at the steepest part is a 67% grade. Yeah, it is a crazy climb not for wimps. And I always kinda thought that as of late I am a wimp when it comes to physical activity, but I did this!!

For the Bella Blvd challenge this is the day 2 challenge to use 4 or more different lines. I used Tail Waggers, Mr. Boy, Christmas Wishes, Sophisticates, and Finally Fall.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bella Blvd Day 4 Challenge - Border Strip Papers

The next challenge I did for the Bella Blvd challenge week was using the border strips. Again, not a huge challenge for me because I use them and love them!

The page is my youngest son on his tetter totter. He loves being outside particularly on the swing set or in the sand box.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bella Blvd Day 5 Challenge - Punched Circles

I did the punched circles for my next challenge page. I loved the example page by Kimberly Neddo so I did something very similar. You can't see the stitching in the scan but I stitched across the circles.

This page is about the family's love for my iPad. When I ordered it I knew that you could read on it and I knew there was a cool baseball score keeping app, but that was all I knew. Now that we have it I joke they should be sold in pairs because if you have one you will more then likely wish you had two.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bella Blvd Challenge - Day 1: Use Cute Cuts

I have to say in the overall, I absolutely love Bella's products! The papers just make me happy and they are so fun to use. But then, then, they came out with the sports line and I am forever devoted to Bella!!I have many, many baseball pages to do and this is perfect for pages of my 3 year old t-baller to my 8 years old softball player to my 13 year old junior player. LOVE THEM. I have bought the entire line several times over.

This is a page of my daughter playing baseball a few years ago. She is such a little go getter. She knows more about the game then most any other kid on the team just because she has been around it so much. I love that!

The Day one challenge for Bella Blvd was to use the cute cuts on a page. I love the cute cuts and use them all the time!! So this was not unusual to use them but I liked how the page turned out.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

January Project 12

My January Project 12, based on the sketch. Sorry for the bad scan the buttons made the scanner very unhappy!

The photos are: a new exercise routine for the whole family - push up and sit ups each morning, Rockies Fan Fest, Remi at a jump rope competition (that is how he enters the double dutch rope - jumping over the other guys back!), baseball practice, Colston at school, a very nice January day in which Colston decided he should wea his swimsuit all day, Peyton doing the splits.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

December Project 12

So my last summary of 2011. I have so enjoyed doing this project and although they are not continuing it in the same way this next year, I think I probably will.

I am anxious to see what they are doing but I suspect it is 12 photos on the 12th and while that would be fun, it really is not the same. I love that this give a nice snapshot of our life each month. With 12 photos on one day you have a great snapshot of that day but you really don't have a complete picture of the month. I always say, if I never scrapbook another picture from 2010 and 2011 it would be ok, because I really feel like I have a nice picture of our lives done. So, anyway, I love Project 12 and here is the last one for 2011.

We had a busy month! Peyton finished her Nutcracker performances, Remi had a MESA competition plus had to build his own molecules. We had my birthday with a wonderful dinner at moms house. Colston had a performance at preschool that was absolutely darling! we made Christmas cookies and delivered trays to friends. We went to the mountains to cut down our Christmas tree as always. we had Christmas Eve at our house and then after we opened presents at our house on Christmas morning, we went to Tam and Pattys for lunch and then went to dad's for the boy's birthdays and a game night. We finished the month with New Year's Eve at Todd and Jackie's house, although we were back home intime to celebrate the new year with daddy and Colston(well, Colston was asleep).