Sunday, April 16, 2006


Happy Easter! We had such a nice day today. When Aunt Janice emailed a few weeks ago about going to Chautauqua, I was ok with it but not super excited or anything. I finally convinced my homebody hubby that it was ok to go out of our house on a holiday and agreed to go.

First off, I don't know if it is just because it is my hometown, but I just love driving into Boulder. I truly don't think there is a more beautiful town around. Those Flatirons are amazing and spring time in the Rockies is soooo amazing and beautiful! As we drove it got to be better and better weather - so bright and sunny! When we got near to the park we started seeing lines of cars parked on the street. Where did all these people come from? Apparently

everyone in the town of Boulder decided that it was a great day to be outside. The trail up into the mountains looked like a freeway of foot traffic! Yup, we made it to Boulder - where there are more bikes and runners then cars. LOL!

We headed to the picnic area where we spent every Easter and Mother's Day growing up. It is so funny that the park was sooo busy yet somehow no one knows about this not really out of the way picnic spot.

Soon all the family arrived. I may be funny but I do enjoy my extended family. They all came bearing food and Easter baskets and gifts. And everyone is just so sweet to bring my kiddos gift and continue to dote on them. I love that my family loves my kids sooo much! And Remi had a blast playing with Hailey and Kaitlynn. Peyton was so excited to see Desiray and show her the new bubble generator that the Easter Bunny brought her. The kids love to get together with their cousins and play. I love that there is a new generation of kids that are getting to know and love there cousins.

I took Katie and Mark the scrapbook of their wedding that I have been slowly doing pages for all year. They loved it!

After brunch we went over to the play equipment and played there for a bit and then we played some 500 and wiffle ball. Remi had soooo much fun! The kid played so hard he was dripping sweat! LOL!

Soon, we headed home - all of us except Jock napped a bit in the car on the way home. Once, at home we ate some dinner and took baths and headed to bed.

All in all a great way to spend a day. I am, indeed, very lucky!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Baseball Season!!

It has started. We had a game on Sat and another on Mon. I am so pleased and amazed at how much the kids have all improved from last year. It is great to have over half of the kids from last year on the team again this year. They were just able to pick right up from where they left off and start improving.

All that said, I was a nervous wreck on Sat. Remi was the first person up at bat in the first game of the season. I didn't realize it but Jock said he was really nervous just before the game started. So, anyway, Rem got up to bat and Brett pitched the first ball, strike. Second ball, strike. Then he starts to get nervous. He went through many, many heartbreaking games last year with no hit and I know that was going trough his mind. Three more pitches and three more strikes. And he was out. My stomach had a huge lump and I had tears in my eyes! I could not believe that it was happening again. He hits the heack out of the ball in the backyard! He can hit is over the house, why, oh why does this happen in the games?? My poor kiddo. I wanted to rush over to him and give him a big hug but I knew that would only make my emotional boy cry so I just sat. Then he came up to bat again. And guess what?? He got a hit! I was so excited for him and the lump in my stomach was gone!!! In one moment, it was gone!! And since that time he has gotten a hit every other time except one. I am soooo happy for that boy! And some of those hit were really good and really hard. He is doing it! He is playing really well. He has fielded balls and gotten outs and scored runs. And most of all he is loving baseball which makes me one totally happy mom!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Hugs for my kids

We have an aquantiance (maybe not even that) who is at karate with Remington. The dad and five year old boy are in karate together. They also have an almosts one year old daughter that was diagnosed with cancer when she was about 9 months old. The instructors at karate have gotten very close with the fmaily and so they have updated us a lot about their situation. The family owns a Schlotzsky's Restaurant here in town. But the restaurant has been struggling because of construction shutting down the street that they are on. They have insurance that covers some of the medical bills but there are so many that they are having a hard time keeping up. And even with bills being partially covered they have to pay a $50 co-pay every time they go to the doctor - and they went almost 20 times in the month of January! The mom in the family quit working at the restaurant to be with the baby so they are missing her income and have put their dream house on the market and move an apartment.

We got the email that this sweet little girl passed away. I don't even really know her - I only saw her at katate once. But it absolutely breaks my heart!! I can'timagine how that family moves on yet I know they need to for the boy and for themselves. But I'll tell you what, it makes me give my two kiddos extra big hugs and thank God that they are the healty kids that they are!!

In other lighter news, yes, I am back and going to try to get back on the "blog-wagon". LOL! I think about blogging a lot but I just have not been taking the time to do it. But here I am turning over a new leaf.

Baseball season officially starts tomorrow. It should be fun. We most of the same kids returning to the team and so that is nice. Jock says the kids have really grown and improved. It is supposed to be like 58 degrees tomorrow so hopefully we won't freeze. We have the opening ceremonies at 9:00 am and then our first game at noon.

Well, I am off for now but I'll be back tomorrow - I will, really!! ;)