Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Baseball Season!!

It has started. We had a game on Sat and another on Mon. I am so pleased and amazed at how much the kids have all improved from last year. It is great to have over half of the kids from last year on the team again this year. They were just able to pick right up from where they left off and start improving.

All that said, I was a nervous wreck on Sat. Remi was the first person up at bat in the first game of the season. I didn't realize it but Jock said he was really nervous just before the game started. So, anyway, Rem got up to bat and Brett pitched the first ball, strike. Second ball, strike. Then he starts to get nervous. He went through many, many heartbreaking games last year with no hit and I know that was going trough his mind. Three more pitches and three more strikes. And he was out. My stomach had a huge lump and I had tears in my eyes! I could not believe that it was happening again. He hits the heack out of the ball in the backyard! He can hit is over the house, why, oh why does this happen in the games?? My poor kiddo. I wanted to rush over to him and give him a big hug but I knew that would only make my emotional boy cry so I just sat. Then he came up to bat again. And guess what?? He got a hit! I was so excited for him and the lump in my stomach was gone!!! In one moment, it was gone!! And since that time he has gotten a hit every other time except one. I am soooo happy for that boy! And some of those hit were really good and really hard. He is doing it! He is playing really well. He has fielded balls and gotten outs and scored runs. And most of all he is loving baseball which makes me one totally happy mom!

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Catherine said...

Yay, Remi!!!