Friday, December 30, 2005


I have always been sooo glad to have my little girly girl Peyton who loves pretty clothes and wants me to do her hair. And I thought that it was so sweet that she wanted to have me put make up on her when I was doing mine. I even managed to see the humor and take pictures the day she smeared it all over her face when I had my back turned.

Fast forward to today - lipstick - not so cute any more!! I spent three hours scrubbing and blotting and spraying every solution know to man on a HUGE lipstick smear on my floor. And the kid loves color - she did not pick my subtle tan or light summery pink. She found my bright red lipstick put it all over her face and then "colored" the very light tan carpet with it!! When I found her I wanted to cry!! I gave her a little swat on the bottom and repeatedly told her how lipstick on the floor was baaaaad! Her first swat ever but it did the job. She now is able to tell everyone in the house - "No Lipstick!"

Jock got on line and three sifferent sites said to use dry cleaning fluid to get it out. However, apparently, that is a controlled substance and they can't sell it. But my sweet dry cleaner gave me something. It pulled out the waxy part and a lot of the color and then we have the most amazing studd called Up and Out that gets anything out and that got a lot more out. It took threehours and you can still see the stain but it is pretty good. Remi even told me that I should get an award of my choosing for doing such a good job.

So, now, all lipstick is up out of her reach - I think. But she is sooo good at finding that stuff there is probably something somewhere that I have not put up yet.

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