Monday, February 13, 2006

Online games

WOW! It has been a while since I have updated. I have this problem - I have gotten very addicted to an online game. And I am embarrassed to even say the title! It is a kid game that Remi found called Tumblebugs! LOL! But I have been spending way too much time playing that dumb game! I will not get on that game today! I will do the scrapping projects that are tumbling in my head! I am three weeks behind on my Donna Downey class. Gotta get that caught up! I have two challenges from last week at ScrapAddict to finish. Gotta get that caught up. And start on the new challenges today.

The other thing that is taking my evenings the past few days is the Olympics!! I love the Olympics! And it is so fun because Remi is doing things with the Olympics at school so he is waaaay into it! We have had more fun watching! I love to watch all the sports that you never get to see except for the Olympics.

I love Shawn White, the flying tomato!! He of all the Olympians so far, has captured my heart! He has this cool guy exterior with a bit of wild child thrown in. But you can see just under the surface, a kid that is thrilled to be at the Olympics and is taken with the whole thing. I love watching him! Maybe I am a snowboarder in disguise - naww I think not. LOL!


Carolyn F said...

I think the flying tomato is great too, but the mom in me wants to cut that hair!!!

Catherine said...

Carolyn isn't the only one who wants to cut his hair!

Julie said...

Now I'll have to check out tumblebugs! i've been hooked on cubis2!