Sunday, January 29, 2006


Yes, it has struck our house. Poor Remi reported a sore throat on Wed night. And as the night went along he got feeling worse and worse. By morning his throat was really sore, he had a cough and pain in his chest, and his nose was soo stuffy and he had a fever. So I had him stay home from school. He was sick alright. He didn't really care to get out of bed and he didn't even want to play. By night time he was really miserable so we knew he would be home another day. Friday morning his chest was so full that he was having kind of wheezy breathing and he got a little scared so I thought I better get him into the doctor. Their only appointment was at 3:30 in the afternoon. That just was not going to do it so she finally squeezed us in at 10:40. The nurse listened to his symptoms and pretty much knew it was the flu. She took a nose culture - which Remi thought was totally uncalled for - and that confirmed it. Since it was less then 48 hours Remi could take the Tamaflu perscription. It tasted horrible but really seemed to help him get better sooner. Friday after the doctor was pretty miserable for him. He laid in bed all day. The only thing he was to do was be read to or stare at the tv - I am not even really sure he could tell you what he was watching. He was one sick boy! His fever topped out at 102.7 that night. By Sat morning he was getting a bit better. Mom cam eover to stay with him while Peyton and I went to register Remi for Little League. And he sat downstairs and played with her the whole time. When I got home and Peyton was napping Remi and I watched a movie together to kind of have some down time for him. And by the evening he was up and going. He and Peyton were even back to fighting. Oh, and he also lost his voice in this whole thing. For a kid that talks as much as Remi does that was odd for his to not be able to say much for two days! But today he is more or less on the road to recovery. I think we are going to try school tomorrow. I am volunteering so if it is too much I'll just take him home with me. But I have learned my lesson and he will be getting a flu shot next year. Poor kid was really sick!


Jill said...

I hope Remi is feeling better by now!!! HUGS!

Catherine said...

Man, I hope he's much better and that no one else gets it!