Friday, January 20, 2006

Yes, I am still kickin'!!

I guess it has been a busy week.

Tues: Meeting at work, Remi to tutoring, Remi to karate, me to exercise, make dinner, go to Supper Solutions

Wed: Work during the day

Thurs: Kindermusik, Lunch with Julie, Stamp club

Fri: 2 hour snow delay for school, Clean for Cindy to come, go see Remi's play at school, see Jock off for hunting this weekend, Finish cleaning, Remi to karate, dinner, kids in bed, scrap!!!

Ok, so now that I am listing it, I guess it doesn't look so busy, so I guess I have no reason that I have not updated here.

On the note of Remi's play. I have to just say how very proud I was of Remi today!! He is in the lowest reading group - he struggles and hates every minute of reading in school. So, his group put on a play and he was so excited because he got the main part!! Good boy! He never brought the play home to practice or anything so I was a bit worried about it, but he was great!! He read his part soooo well. I thought he was much more fluent then the other kids. And fluency is one of the big things that he needs to work on so that was really a big thing to me. I was just so pround of my sweet boy!!

And, on the note of Remi, I can not believe how strong that boy is getting! Last night we were just wrestling around with the family and at one point he tried to kick backwards at me. I caught his feet and lifted him straight up. The kid started doing push ups in the hand stand position!! I was holding him for help balancing but I was not helping with the push ups! WOW! Crazy! He did like 7 or 8 push ups that way and then flipped down and did like 15 more in the regular position! That kid is getting strong!I guess all that strength training in karate is really kicking in!


Catherine said...

Good for Remi!!

Julie said...

Busy! Busy!