Friday, January 06, 2006

Pump It Up and a Crop

We are on the Christmas break count down now. So I promised Remi that we could go to Pump It Up. They have two rooms with four big inflated play things in each room . I was not as impressed as Remi. I kinda thought they would have more or they would be different or something, but I guess I am the wrong demographic because both kids loved it! Anyway, Peyton was too small to really do anything by herself. Again, I had heard they have toddler time so I thought there would be toddler areas - wrong. So that book that I was hoping to sit and relax and read - UH, NO!! Remi ran into a girl from school right a away and they were off. Peyon and I headed out to see what she could do. At first she was really shaky on the inflatable things - hard to walk on when you are a relatively new walker. She really wanted to go on the BIIIGGGGG slide that they have, so I pick her up and start climbng up, got about half way up and thought, Geez, this is a really long and steep ladder. As we slide down Peyton is giggling and squeeling and I knew I was going to have to climb that damn thing again and again! No need to exercise today! But actually it was a fun time and the kids really enjoyed it. I did suggest that this was something daddy would really love so next time we should bring him!! Sneaky me!!!

Tonight I was suposed to go to a crop. It is done by some ladies that I am in the Pine Cone Press Book Club with. They all work together and it is at their work. Well, I get there and kinda wander around and think I might see them in the building but can't get there. I was so set on cropping and really felt like doing it so I drove to Archivers and went to their crop. It was very interesing. The two ladies behind me were Stampin Up gals and not much of scrapbookers at all. And when one of them won the grand prize drawing she looked at the stuff in the bag and I overhead her say she thought that the magazine looked interesting but she had never seen it before - it was Creating Keepsakes!! And then she pulled out a package of Heidi Swapp flowers - the big really cool ones. And she went on and on about what would you ever use those for. I was about to just take her good bag - she didn't deserve it!! She didn't know what she would do with the patterned paper in it. And finally she went to the crop hostess gal and told her that so much of it she would never use and would there be any way she could just trade it for some plain cardstock and stickers!!! I guess it takes all kinds but I was just amazed.

At the end of the night the crop hostess came over and told me, "You are really good! You should work here." I told her thanks but I am busy with other things, blah, blah, blah. She then said, "I'll bet you submit your pages, huh?" So I said yes and she asked if they had any mags that I was in and I said yeah and showed her. She was so impressed. She was very nice and made me feel good. As I was leaving she said you better come back to another crop and next time bring an album so I can see all you work. It is fun to have people admire your stuff sometimes. Especially since I have been on such a lull as far as getting things published.

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