Monday, January 09, 2006

End of vacation and other thoughts

So I stayed up way late (well, for me it was way late) last night and got most of the room picked up. Then today I broke out my Feb DT kit and started a layout with it and now as I look over at my desk - it is a mess again! See this is why I don't clean - it just gets messy again! LOL! Like my mom used to tell my brothers and I when we were in high school - "I don't know why I bother going to the grocery store to buy food all you guys do is eat it!" LOL!

And, today was the last day of Remi's Christmas vacation. We have had a great holiday - we have done lots of stuff and played lots of games and it has been nice. But I have to say that I am ready to be back to the good old schedule. And to make it even better - it is a Tues!! My absolute best day of the week! Peyton is at Mom's Morning Out for three hours from 9 to noon. So I have three hours all to myself. My mom tried to schedule a board meeting at work and I told her I was busy and so she would have to do it another day. Well, I am busy - having three blissful hours to myself. I am so bad! But I can't wait!

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