Saturday, April 21, 2007

Accomplishments for Remi

**Play along with me as I am just going to jump back into blogging as if there had not been a two month break. ;) **

Remi had quite a day today. After just short of two years in karate, Remington tested for his brown belt today. The test started last night with an hour of sparring. He came home tired and very stinky and sweaty!! LOL! Then this morning he got up and had an omelet and toast and was off to his karate test today. It started at 8:00 am and finished with him earning his brown belt at 11:30 this morning and in between that time was a totally physical test. I am so impressed with him.

He has always said he wanted to do karate so when a karate school moved in literally around the corner from us there was not much I could do to protest. He spent the first "trial" month going about 5 out of 7 days! He loved it! And was actually given an award that first year for the "Most Enthusiastic Karate Student". He loved karate from the beginning. So after that first month the Head Instructor sat him down and asked HIM if he was ready to commit to participating in karate. Remi agreed and he has not looked back. I am amazed that in the almost two years he has been in karate I have not had to beg, plead, or cajole him into going. And not he is one step, albeit a big step, but one step from his goal. He wants to be a black belt by the time he is in middle school and he is on track to do that. It takes about a year and a half to get to black belt and that is about how long he has until he in in middle school (Oh, my!!! My body just shuddered at the thought that my boy is only a year and a half away from middle school!!!). So I was one proud mama as the Instructor was talking about how much dedication it takes to become a brown belt and I was so pleased that Remi has done so well.

The second part of his day was a baseball game. Yes, it is lucky he was young, because after 4 very physical hours of exercise he came home, ate a quick lunch and then headed out to an hour of baseball practice followed by a baseball game. Again, I love to see him play! He is such a great kid and gives his all to what he does. And he is into baseball this year! His dad loves it! He got a hit every time he was up and while he did not have much action in the field today he was out there and his head was in the game.

You might expect after all that he would come home to collapse. But nooooo. He ran outside and played with the dog - wrestling and playing ball for an hour. LOL! Ahh, to be a kid. LOL!


Catherine said...

Holy COW!!! It's a new entry!! Oh, sorry, I forgot we were playing along....
Sounds like Remi's doing great!

Carolyn F said...

Congrats on the brown belt Remi!! WTG!