Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"I Gotta Call Your Dad"

My hubby is downstairs watching the Rockies baseball game. He just ran upstairs, almost giddy, grabs the phone, and starts running back down the stairs and as he goes he yells out, "I gotta call your dad!" It makes me smile that the two men that I love the most in the world have such a great relationship. And I have been thinking that I need to do a layout about that relationship. It is amazing! They love a lot of the same things: baseball, football, golf, hunting, fishing, etc... And they have so much in common. And now that dh has been hanging around my family for about 20 year they both know all of the other person's friends. In fact I often tease them about how well they share friends. For example, my dh goes to lunch with one of my dad's good friend when he is here on business. He also calls many of his friends on a regular basis just to chat and catch up. Another example, when my dad was in AZ in Feb my hubby's best friend was there with his two boys for a week. So my dad (along with a number of his friends down there) entertained dh's friend. They went to a baseball game and played golf and had dinner together.

It really would be odd to many people how close the two of them are and how they have basically merged their groups of friends and now they all get along and do things together. And I am so thankful for that! I would imagine that having a difficult relationship with an in-law can be really hard on a marriage and I am so blessed not to have that hurdle to deal with!

Oh, and by the way, when I asked dh why he had to call my dad. Apparently the guy pitching for the Rockies boks every time and it is not getting called. DH says my dad is the only one who will understand - and I guess he is right because while I understand what he is saying, it really is not that big of news to me. LOL!


Catherine said...

How great that they have such a good relationship!

Melanie said...

How cool is that?!! :)