Friday, May 11, 2007

HUGE sigh of relief!!!

Remi has struggled with reading since the start of school we have spent many hours and lots of dollars and tons of tears on trying to remedy his reading troubles. The kid works so hard and we kept thinking that light switch was going to go on and it would all come together. But after three years of trying it gets hard to believe in that light switch somewhere out there.

We saw progress and we knew how much he was learning but the *%*()^*% tests that they continually make the kids take just were not showing the progress that we knew he was making.

So we headed off for Remi's IEP conference and were expecting basically more of the same - Remi is a great kid and he can comprehend anything you put in front of him but he cannot read at grade level. And his writing skills are are poor.

BUT....... imagine our surprise when his teacher passes over the CSAP score and they say he is PROFICIENT!!!!! OMG!!! I about dropped my teeth! My boy scored at grade level on the CSAP! I leaned over and kisses him right there - much to his dismay. And Remi, he was so proud of himself! All that work is starting to pay off. He still has progress to make but I am so pleased that he is showing the growth that I knew he was making!

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