Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Terrible Tragedy!!

A few weeks ago a friend of ours was critically injured in an accident. He works for the local minor league baseball team here and was setting up the fireworks for that night's display when one went off and critically injured him.

My husband got to know Rai through business. We trade out our bins for tickets to the Sky Sox games. We love going so it is a great trade for us. And through the years hubby has gotten to know Rai. What a great person he is! In a lot of ways he is one of the biggest forces behind the success of the team in the Springs. He is the one who is on the mike at every game, he is the one getting donations, he is the one at the different events, he is the one that every one in town recognizes.

And then this! The early word is that somehow static electricity caused the firework to ignite and it exploded in his face. Every time we get updates it is worse - it sounds like one side of his face is gone along with the eye on that side, they have had to rebuild his nasal passage, the part of his face that is still intact is severely burned. It happened on Military appreciation night and so there were military medical people on scene right away and they said that this accident was worse then anything they saw in Iraq. Now, I don't know what they saw there but I would imagine that this is really bad.

I just hurt for him and his family. He has three young kids - imagine their dad will never, never be the same. His wife is now living in a hotel in Denver to be closer to him and help him while his kids are living with their grandparents here. And I know from the time Peyton spent in NICU how hard that time separated from your family is. I think of them a dozen times a day and just say a little prayer for this man and his family and then I say a word of thanks for just how lucky I am!

Here is an article that was in our local paper:


Catherine said...

This sounds just awful! Thinking about him and his family....

Jill said...

Lynne - any more info? I feel so bad for him and his family.