Tuesday, June 12, 2007

So I forgot my blog password ;)

I guess that is a sign that I have not been here a lot lately. But I have successfully logged on now - there is no stopping me. LOL!

We are in the midst of the summer time busy at our house. I keep thinking that something will let up but not so far. We had our "Disneyland fund" garage sale last weekend. The first actual garage sale I have ever done on my own. We really needed to do a husg overhaul on Remi's room and he was not at all in favor of it. So we told him we would have a garage sale and any money he made he could have to spend at Disneyland. We also had a few other larger items haning out that we really needed to get rid of and of course a bit more scrap stuff from my big room clean out. I tried to convince Peyton that she should clean out her toys to get some money for Disneyland, but she just told me, "No, mommy, I'll just use your money at Disneyland and keep all my toys!" I really had no good argument against that logic - it is the logic I would like to use. LOL!

We are also in the middle of all Remi's summer camps. Last week was golf - a great camp and a new teacher this year who was really good. Remi, being fresh from end to school year teacher gift season, told me that he really thought Garrett was a great teacher and we should get him a gift. Welllll, what do you get a very, very young good looking single golf pro??? Not, having any very young good looking girls available we settled on a Starbucks gift card - I had noticed that he had a cup of coffee from Starbucks each day. He was actually a bit taken aback by it. I am sure he had never gotten and "end of golf camp" gift. But Remi felt good about giving him something. I suppose I better think about what we can get the more middle aged, less good looking baseball coach from this week's baseball camp. LOL! Yes, we have moved onto baseball this week. Remi has a number of kids from school and former baseball teammates along with one kid from last week's junior golf in this week's camp so he is loving it. Oh, yeah, he is actually learning a lot too.

Next week, Remi is at baseball camp all day for Mon to Thurs and Peyton starts swimming lessons (she is soooooo very excited!!) Oh, and Peyton started her kindermusik camp last Thurs.

So, basically, just call me Madam bus driver!!

And just beacuse we have not had much going on my dearest hubby invited his brother and his son's basketball team to stay at our house last Fri. night. They are great kids but man, can they go through the food!!!

Next up, we are going to get ready for Remi's bday party at the end of the month and then get ready for Disneyland. WOW! Summer is really going now!!!


Melanie said...

I've stopped reading your blog since you weren't updating it. ;) LOL about Peyton's logic and Remi's very, very young golf coach!

BTW, to motivate you to update again soon, you've been tagged! ;)

Anonymous said...

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