Monday, June 25, 2007

Update on Rai

Jill asked for an update on Rai - the man we know that was hurt in the fireworks accident. He got out of the one hospital and has moved to Craig Rehab. Hospital. His wife is living in an apartment in the Denver area and his kids, I believe are going back and forth between the grandparents here and their mom. There were apparently a number of scary moments - his face was so injured that there was an issue as far as infection getting into his head and brain. At one point a lady that I know said that they were worried if he was going to make it. But it seems that he has turned a corner and is recovering now. I saw on the news one evening a press conference that his wife did and she thanked the two MP's that first helped him and then took them up to his room for him to thank them too. There have been quite a few different fund raisers for the family although, I am sure that it is a huge financial burden along with all the other problems that this has caused.

Let's see what else have we been doing??? Remi has finished all his sports camps that he did this summer. He love them but I think he is reasy for a little down time. Last week he got to opportunity to go to see the the Rockies play the NY Yankees and they saw Roger Clemens ptch. He was thrilled! As was my dad - sort of one of those never forget grandpa/grandson things. And Remi turns 9 tomorrow!! I can't believe it! So we are in party mode this week trying to get all the plans made and things done for the party.

Peyton is doing swim lessons and loves it! And I have thouroughly enjoyed hangin at the pool with my book! I have even convinced Peyton that when it is adult swim she should sit on the lounge chair next to me and read her books. LOL! It is awesome! Love the pool days!

And we are also getting everything finalized for our trip to Disneyland in July. Made reservations for meals this morning. Need to call the shuttle and the hotel later this afternoon.


Catherine said...

Sounds like a good summer in the works!

Leslie Herbert said...

You need to update your blog Lynne! ha ha!
I am going to add it to my list on my blog and keep checking up on you here!

Jill said...

looking for an update...

how is he?? do you ahve a life lately??? PLMK!!! LOL! I know you ahve something you could put here! TEE HEE!