Monday, April 23, 2007

Heaven Sent???

**Warning, work related rant ahead. You may want to just skip this entry entirely. But there is a happy ending. LOL! ***

Leaving our former lives behind and joining our family business has been an amazing thing and if we had to make the choice again I know we would do it the same. It has allowed our family opportunities that we never would have had before and time together as a family that we never would have had. But the down side of our own business is that we are the bottom line. If something has to get done we are the ones to do it. And by "we" I really mean my dh. He works really really hard. And while I think a lot of what my brother does when it comes to the nitty gritty of the bad icky stuff of business it is my dh that ends up having to do it.

Through the years we have been here we have gone through a number of mechanics. In a lot of ways I can't blame them - we don't pay as much as others, the work is really hard work, and there is a lot of outside work - even in the winter. Also we seem to have a knack for attracting employees that are less then great. So, the end result has been that we have been without a mechanic for quite sometime and my dh has been the one that has done this. He has not minded and he is one that gets in there and does what needs to be done. And he is also a "bit" hard headed and would never admit how hard it is on his body. Until recently, and then still only to me. But he comes home with an exhausted and aching body everyday. He gets along really well with my brother but over the years as dh has done move of the hard labor and my brother doesn't really pitch in as much that has grated on me a lot.

A while back the rest of my family was really up on hiring a new salesperson and while that is something that we need I would not back down to the need for a mechanic. I finally just laid it out there that we had to have a mechanic or I was not sure how long dh could handle all the hard labor (plus all the other icky and unpleasant jobs that he has to do cause no one else wants them - like collections). So we basically ended that conversation in an impasse and whenever a salesperson is brought up I let them know my feelings.

Well, then the other day a guy that is part of a religious group here in town that rents trailers from us got to talking to dh. He was saying that while he "works" for this other place they don't really pay him and his family was running out of their savings and he was trying to pick up some work. He told dh that he has his CDL so he can drive our tractors. He has been a mechanic before and has owned his own business. But he chose to give it all up and dedicate his life to the Lord's work. But now he really needed to just be realistic and get some money coming into his family. So my dh and brother interviews him officially and hired him. The three of him agreed that since he was still working for this other place he can have time off to work for them when he needs it.

He has turned out to be this amazing worker! He has learned everything that they teach him. He jumps in to do anything that they are working on - even the hard things that no one but my dh usually does. And my dh gets the break and does not come home hurting everyday. And I think he feels better because his time is freer to do other parts of his job not just maintenance.

When dh and this guy were talking the other he was telling my dh how thankful he was for the job. He told him that his family was worse off then their last dollar and he is so thankful for the job. And he said that he really thinks that God made our paths cross when he really needed it. As dh was telling me the story I was thinking that actually I think God crossed our paths to save us! Isn't that amazing how that works???

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