Saturday, December 05, 2009

Dec 5 - December Daily

Ok, so I will start blogging a bit maybe. Starting with some holiday stuff. This is from a Jessica Sprague class that I didn't actually take but the prompts look fun so I am going to copy and paste from a lady who is doing it on her blog. Have a few days to catch up so I am starting with todays and then going to try to do a couple each day until I am caught up.

december fifth

quote:"o holy night! the stars are brightly shining, it is the night of the dear saviour's birth." ~placide cappeau de roquemaure'

write:write about a specific holiday song that has meaning to you.

I would say one of the holiday songs that has a very stong memory for me is "Do You Hear What I Hear". Growing up we would often go to the midnight church service. And Pastor Carfrae's son who was a Broadway singer would come home for the hoildays and would always sing this song at the service. Our church was not huge but big enough. Yet, when he would come up the aisle with his huge beautiful booming voice it was an amazing thing to hear! You just had to sit and marvel at the beauty of the song. It was magical!

photograph:something that reminds you of your favorite holiday song

picture of the car radio on the Christmas music station. I love when I can change to the station that plays all Christmas music! And the kids enjoy it too - particularly Peyton is enjoying the music although she really likes the music that has vocals and not the instrumental music as much.

do:visit santa clause

The last few years we have gone to see Santa on the day they get out of school. I am not sure if we will do that same thing this year, but maybe.


Today I "made" the Christmas look to the house. We got up early and went to cut the tree down in the mountains. Then took a short break for Peyton's ballet class. Then went to work to get more of the Christmas boxes. Then came home and got the tree up. We got the lights on and started on the decorating. Jock and Remi went to the Air Force hockey game so Peyton and I stayed home to work on the decorations a bit more.

remember: recall a specific instance where you sang or listened to your favorite holiday song. what stands out in your mind?

Two holiday song memories come up for me.

First, very random. My piano lesson career was fairly short. I don't think I took them for more then a year. But I do know I enjoyed them. I just didn't really practice much. But I do remember learning to play "We Three Kings". I always liked the pattern to that song and enjoyed playing.

Second, a much more clear memory. In high school at Fairview, we always had a holiday concert. and of course it was always beautiful with so many talented choirs. But the thing that I remember is the last song - a mass choir version of Silent Night. It was amazing to have several hundered voices singing that beautiful song but then they also invited any alumni that were at the concert to join in. So it was so beautiful and so peaceful and just amazing! It gave you a shiver in your spin to listen to!

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