Friday, October 13, 2006

A comparison page and birthdays

I realized I forgot to share my newest page comparing Remi and Peyton. This is them both at 6 months. I love the picture of Remi in his little sweater vest and button up shirt!! And Miss Peyton with her cute headband and chubby arms. Love these kiddos!!

This weekend is Peyton's 3rd bday party. She is sooooo into her bday! She told us last night that she thinks that all her presents should be wrapped in pink sparkly paper!! LOL! What a girl she is! And grammy is making her a special doll cake which she is excited for. I am kinda bummed that a number of my family members are not able to come to the party but it will be fun anyway. I don't really have anything planned - just hanging out and enjoying each other. I am going to make chili and have hot dogs. Peyton really wanted hot dogs so I thought I would make chili to dress up the hot dogs if someone chooses.

Monday is Peyton's actual birth date. We are going to go to kindermusik on Mon which is very perfect because my girl LOVES kindermusik!! And the we will probably let her choose dinner and have cake and let her open her presents from us. I can't believe that she is 3!!! Where does the time go.

On that note, my nephew turns 18 on Sun!! WOW!! 18 - like almost graduating from hs and headed to college and flying this weekend to stay with his girlfriend in CA - 18! How did that happen!!


Catherine said...

You cannot imagine how quickly it will happen with your own kids!

Laura said...

What an adorable layout! Time just passes too quickly!

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Fee said...

oh man! i wish you had told me...I just got the CUTEST pink wrapping paper with silver sparkly crowns on it. :) I will have to buy her something and wrap some stuff in it :) I keep forgetting she's younger than anna...adorable!