Friday, October 06, 2006

"He is a great player!"

That was said this evening about my son by his soccer coach. Now, any parent would be pleased to overhear a coach saying that about their child, but me, I was ecstatic!! You see, while I absolutely love my Remi boy, in general, he is not usually the most athletic nor aggressive kid on the team. He loves sports and really enjoys playing on sports teams but he has really never been one of the better players on the team.

I accidentally missed the soccer sign up deadline last year so Remi didn't play. So this year he was really eager to play. There is a great competitive league in town but I thought, knowing my kiddo I just better sign him up for the city rec league again and see how he did. And from the first practice he got in there and played! He was great!! I was amazed! His team happens to be really good! They are averaging 7 point per game and the other teams score on average 2 points per game. They have only lost one game (and it was the one game Remi missed - says the proud momma). So they are a great little team with quite a few good players on the team and even better they all seem to really enjoy playing together and are great sports.

So tonight we had a game and the other team didn't have enough players so our coach offered to give the other coach a couple of players so we could still play. And I heard him tell the other coach, "Take Remi his a a great player." I did a double take! While people often say what a great kid Remi is he has really not been called a great player before. Yeah!!!!

So he players the first half for the other team playing center forward one quarter and goalie the second quarter - his two favorite positions. And he went all out even against his own team. The he sat for the third quarter and played the last quarter for his regular team and play center forward again. He did so well! I am really pleased with how well he is doing and how much fun he is having. It is a great season!!!

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