Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pink and Sparkly

Peyton informed us the other day that she thought we should wrap all her presents in pink sparkly wrapping paper. She is my little girly girl!! We picked her a pink and sparkly outfit for her party and she loved every minute of the day! She loves the Happy Birthday song and sang it to herself all morning before the party. Then during the party we all sang it three times - she was so cute when we would start singing she would stop and get this funny look on her face and just listen and appreciate. What a little doll!! She was excited to get an doll that can go in the bath, dress up clothes, books, finger puppets, a soccer ball, clothes, pen and paper, and a train to go on Remi's Thomas tracks.

She love the wonderful doll cake that grammie made for her! And it was a really, really delicious cake! And we have Neapolitan ice cram along with pumpkin ice cream (a favorite of my families).

She wanted hot dogs so I made her hot dogs but also made chili for people who wanted chili dogs or just chili. And then we had chips and dips and vegi's. And Jackie brought her really yummy cornbread.

She had most all of the people that she loves the best at her party: grammie, papa, Todd, Greg, Jackie, Aunt Janice, Amie, Hailey, Kaitlynn, Remi (and his friend Griffin), Jock and I. It was a great day and I know that Peyton loved it!

Just wait until she figures out that tomorrow is her actual birthday and we saved out presents and the ones from Jock's mom until tomorrow. She will be one excited little girl to get the next batch of presents!


Catherine said...

That's just adorable!!

Julie said...

what a cutie! love the pink sparkly outfit

Contessa Kris said...

Ahhh, what a cute patootie! Love the pink sparkly outfit! But its time to blog again deary. I need Christmas pictures, holiday hoopla, new shinanigans. Share please!

Anita said...

Sooooo cute! Shona informed me today she wants the hair bedazzler. Not the name of it, but it might as well be!