Monday, January 15, 2007


Peyton has been in kindermusik almost since she was born so she really has grown up with it. A friend of mine taught the classes for the first two years that we went so it was just like hanging out with Julie. When Julie and her family moved it dawned on me that not only had I lost my friend but I lost my kindermusik teacher - and Peyton would really miss it. So I found a new class last fall and it is as great as when we were with Julie.

So today Peyton started a new kindermusik class and it is a "big girl class". Which meant that she was in the class by herself. Of course I didn't tell her that before class. When it came time for the parents to leave I told her I had to take her home materials out to the car and I would be back and I got up and left. Then I sat there and wondered when Miss Lisa would be coming out to get me since Peyton, I was sure, would need me there. Well, lo and behold, she never came to get me. And when they were done with class, Lisa told me that even though Peyton had never been in that class and that most songs are new to her she "sang" every song at the top of her lungs and loved it all.

Of course as we were talking about it on the way home she said she didn't like big girl kindermusik at all. LOL! She wants me to be there with her.

On other topics - in the quest to achieve my "WORD" I worked on it yesterday. I have this little area by the chair that I most often sit in to watch TV and it was getting overrun with magazine and books. So I cleaned out that area which led to the stereo nearby and I organized all our CDs which then led to the tv and all the DVDs and videos which I then organized!!! It looks soooooo good!! And then I moved downstairs to the storage area. We moved most everything out when we finished the basement and I brought a few boxes back from storage to unload and get my serving trays and stuff back because I really miss them!! And I got a start on that room - not done but a start. It feels good!!!

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Laura said...

Ok I have to laugh that Peyton loved it but tells you she didn't. Kids! LOL Very cute!
What a great start on the WORD! Send some of that ambition my way would ya please?!