Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wedding bells

My brother is truly one of the nicest and most considerate guys. He knows how to treat girls and is such a catch (says his sister - LOL!) but really I just think what a great guy he is and knew there were so many girls out there that were missing out. Well a little over a year ago he was really tired of the single thing. He wanted to find someone. But when you are in your late 30's and work with truck drivers it is HARD!! LOL! He is not a bar scene kind of guy and just wanted to find a way to find girls to go out with. So he joined one of the internet dating sites. He was a bit embarrassed at first but he really wanted to get something going in his life.

It was quite a process. First a HUGE (like 500 question) thing to get to know who you are as a person. They they match you with people of similar interests. Then there is a very prescripted process of emails, phone calls and finally dates. He found one lady fairly quickly and he really enjoyed going out with her. She had a 4 year old daughter and that didn't scare him a bit. But then the lady told him he was just too nice and thoughtful!!! Insert eye roll here!! I mean really, what???

So then he was matched with another gal who actually grew up in Boulder and went to the "rival" high school. They truly did hit it off right away. I remember Todd saying how everything one said they other had a similar thought or experience. It was really neat. So they went out and got closer and closer. She came to our Easter celebration and lots of other family events after that. Her mom now lives with her stepdad in Minnesota and while she is close with them she usually can't get out there for all the holidays and all. So it is perfect because my family always gets together on holidays and so they did not have any of those those "whose family's house when" type of issues, yet she totally gets our family and the get togethers.

She moved in with Todd in September, but made it clear that she was not just hanging out in this situation forever. She expected that they were going to get engaged and married sooner rather than later. Which was a good thing because Todd is a bit slow moving on things at times. They got engaged over Christmas. But never really set a wedding date. They were trying to just get it all figured out.

Well, last Mon Todd calls and says they are going to get married in Minnesota at the end of Feb. Jackie's mom has cancer and has been given about 6 months. So, her brothers and she and Todd had already planned a trip to see her so they decided to make it into a wedding weekend. They never wanted a big wedding so this will work great. So we all have tickets to Fargo for the last weekend in Feb. (Really, who wants to go to Fargo in the dead of winter???) Then the next weekend we are going to have a reception here with family and friends.

I am soooo happy for them and so happy for Todd. Oh, and the funny thing, the day they are getting married is exactly one year after their first date!


Melanie said...

Fargo in February, are you crazy? ;) Congrats to your brother, Todd! I only wish that ALL the circumstances were happy.

Anita said...

What a sweet love story! My brother met his wife on the internet. He typed in a search for people born on the same date as him. When they decided to get married, they married on their birthday, so they only have one day to remember every year for their birthdays and anniversary! And Fargo in February....what we do for family!

Catherine said...

Congratulations to your brother and his fiancee, but I don't envy you Fargo in February!

Laura said...

That is so neat and very sweet! I hope they are very happy together. The internet brings many many people together and it's awesome!
You'll be enjoying the wedding so much you won't realize how COLD it is! Have fun and congratulations to your brother and future SIL!

Inari said...

Keep up the good work.