Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stampin Up

I have been going to a Stampin' Up card club thing for a while now. My friend was the demo and it was a fun once a month social kind of a thing. Well, my poor friend's life sort of fell apart - her hubby totally went wacky, they separated, her kids have really struggled and in the end she decided to move to Atlanta back home with her family. I was so sad to see her go and I miss her a lot! And then I got to thinking that I would also lose my stamp club night. Sooooo, I told her I would sign up to be a demo and take the stamp club over. (What in the heck was I thinking!!!!) So I signed up we did the November meeting together, the club took the month of December off and so tomorrow night is my big night - I have to do the stamp club by myself!!! I spent all yesterday making my three cards - one of which I HATE but I was trying to use just things that I had on hand because I didn't want to order more stuff. I am feeling pretty nervous. I know two of the ladies pretty well but three others are new to the club and I only have met them a couple of times.

When I signed up I told my friend and her upline lady that I am really not into this kind of thing and I will plan to finish out this club and then see where we go from there. The discount is nice but I just don't see myself doing all sorts of workshops and all. I have another friend that will order and maybe I can pick up a few others. The upline lady is in love with my scrapbooking. LOL! She really doesn't scrapbook although she would like to so she is counting on me being the scrapbooking part of her team. I told her I would develop a few workshops to try but I just don't know.

So, I'll see how tomorrow goes. And in the mean time if anyone needs any Stampin' Up stuff let me know!! It is a great time to order - if you place a $50 order you get a free stamp and there is one stamp that is a big flower that would be really cool on a scrapbook page. LOL! Look at me I already sound like one of those annoying demonstrators. ;)


Catherine said...

Good luck with your demo!

Melanie said...

How did your demo go? I've thought many times of doing stuff like this (with Pampered Chef, with a stamp company, etc.) but then I realize--I don't have time! Whichever way you decide--good luck!