Sunday, January 21, 2007

More snow and odd weather occurrences

This winter has been like it used to be. I always remembered that it actually used to snow in the winter in Colorado but the last few years we have gotten a few storms here and there but just not too much. And this year we are having a winter - I love it! For the fifth straight weekend we have had a storm and snow. The first few weekends were blizzards the last few have been just snow but snow none the less.

Last weekend Remi was supposed to go to Broomfield and stay the weekend with Grammy. But it was so windy around Monument that I turned around and went back home. Remi was sooo sad. But we planned for him to go this weekend instead. So, I met mom in Monument right after school on Fri and they headed up for their weekend. It has been very odd and rather quite here with just us girls. But we had fun doing hair and nails and playing dolls and dress up. Today Remi was supposed to come home and mom called about 7:30 this morning and said it was really snowing there so she called Greg to see if he would bring Remi home. He of course said he would. They started off around 9:00 and by south Denver the roads were bad and the stupid drivers were everywhere and visibility was getting worse and worse. I talked to Greg and told him that it was ok with me if they went back. So they turned around. When I talked to Rem later he told me that he had been hoping for this so he could miss a day of school. LOL! I told him that was fine but he had to read and do math facts with Grammy. So they are going to try again mid morning tomorrow.

In the mean time, Jock and his friend Mike have been hunting in Nebraska. Jock said they have seen more pheasant then they have in years. The problem is getting to them. The snow is deep and drifted and iced over. He says that when they try to walk they are up on the snow on like 3 inches of snow and then you break through and you are up to your knees at least. And the poor dogs - they stay on top a bit longer but they break through too and then are over their heads in snow and have to leap out. Hard work for all. And he said the ice is really bad. They got stuck this afternoon for over an hour - he was afraid they were not getting out. The ruts are so iced over under the snow that your tire catches and throws the car around. Crazy. But they have gotten so birds so I guess all is well as far as they are concerned. They are going to try to come on home tomorrow but I heard on the news that the roads by Limon are really bad and they are bad up to the area just east of our neighborhood. So I think he may have a long slow drive ahead tomorrow.

Now for the odd weather occurrence. My mother in law called tonight and told me it was snowing at her house. She live in Green Valley, AZ which is like 40 minutes from the Mexican border. SNOWING!!! LOL!So, I had to call my dad who is in Tucson right now. He has gotten to where he hates the CO winter so he heads down to Tucson for some part of the winter. The house he found to rent this year was only available for a three month rental so he took it. He is soooo happy down there. We miss him here terribly but it is great how happy he is when he is down there so that makes it ok. But anyway, I called to ask if it was snowing there. Yup, just a bit there too. LOL! I told him he can run but he just can't hide from winter.

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Catherine said...

Isn't that weird? I remember when we first moved here the winters seemed a little more "normal", but the past few years, not so much snow. We've only had snow once all season. I figure if it's going to be winter, we should have a little snow to show for it.