Saturday, July 15, 2006

Big Job

I have spent the last few days putting away layouts. WOW! What a huge job I had 170 something pages to put away plus I had just stuck some layouts in books but not in any order. But they are getting so organized and I am actually at the end of my CM album supply!! I saw an idea in a magazine a while back to put tag on a ribbon and tie it around the spine of the book to label each book. So I am doing that as I finish putting layouts in each album. I am hoping that if I can easily find the spot for a layout that I will be more apt to stick it in there once I am finished and not just let it sit and pile up like I have been doing. So far I have organized 10 books for Peyton and 9 for Remington. Rem obviously has a bunch more albums then that but they are older and back to when I was scrapping chronologically so they are all organized. My next issue is where to put the nice new albums. Mom had two really nice book cases made for me a few years ago. She measured the albums so that they fit perfectly. They both hold about 20 - 25 albums depending on how thick they are. Well, they are both stuffed now. So the newer albums are in those cases. I am thinking that I will take the older albums to the spare room in the basement and put them up on a shelf in the closet. The only bad part is that if anything ever happened to the house those are the albums that would be hard to recreate. It was before I scanned in my layouts and before my digital camera. I have all the negatives but those are up in the closet in the scrapbook room. But when it comes down to it all those albums have to go some where. And if something really did happen to our house and we had to get out fast there is realistically no way we could manage to get all those albums out anyway. Why do I worry about this kind of stuff??? LOL!! But anyway, I am hoping to finish this HUGE project today so I can actually scrap this weekend. I had visions of getting so many pages done while Jock was away and I have not done anything but organize albums!

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