Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fourth Of July

Happy 4th of July!! I need to remember to email Janelle and Aunt Nancy and wish them Happy BDay.

We had a great time last night at Todd's for the fireworks! It doesn't get much better then watching them from his porch with snacks, a bathroom and no crowds. LOL! The bad part of fireworks is that they are so late at night - well, late for our family. We were afraid that the baseball game would have a rain delay and then they would be really late but it was about the regular time. Peyton, Remi and Jock all about fell asleep. But the wait was worth it. They do put on a great show! Peyton thought that the they were great! She loves the small fireworks that they shoot off at the Sky Sox game every time there is a home run and during the 7th inning stretch. So this was amazing to her!! So many more and so big and pretty! She just sat on Jock's lap and smiled a huge smile. For Remi, fireworks are all about the cookies. LOL! When he was about three we got some of those pink and white circus cookies on 4th of July. He enjoyed eating them while watching the fireworks. Then the next year he kept telling us that we needed to get the "firecrack" cookies. We had no idea what he was talking about. Finally we remembered the cookies we had the previous year. And with that the tradition of the "firecrack" cookies was born. LOL! Now, they are a must at every firework watching event. Last year we were at the store in about May and they had red, white, and blue cookies instead of pink and white. Remi really wanted them but I told him that May was just too early to buy those cookies. Well, by the 4th they were, of course, gone. So this year, in May, when we saw the cookies I bought them. Well, our niece and friend stayed at our house a few weeks ago and Jock told them that they were welcome to eat anything they wanted. Yup, you guessed it, they ate the precious red, white, and blue firecrack cookies!! And by then they were gone from the store again. So we had the regular old pink and white cookies this year. But in the end I don't think that Remi really cared. His thing is that you can not open the bag until the fireworks start and as soon as that first bang goes, he tears open the bag and proceeds to stuff as many cookies as possible in his mouth until the last firework is shot. It is a tradition.

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