Saturday, July 08, 2006

Summer Camp

I went to summer camp twice when I was growing up - I HATED it!! Too much of a home body I guess. The first time was with my brothers and some other friends from church - so it was not like I was not with people I knew but I hated every minute of it. I think that was when I was in 5th or 6th grade.

I tried it again when I was in like 7th or 8th grade. The kids in my church youth group were very close and we all went as a group. I was older - more interested in the friends that I was with (especially the boys! LOL!) so it was a bit better - but I still had not desire to go back ever again. I guess I am just not the summer camp kids of a gal.

So, here I am planning to send Remi off to summer camp tomorrow. Yikes!! I am having those flashes of lump in the stomach feelings and tears and all the other horrible feeling from my times at camp. But he is going with my mom. It is actually pretty neat - they are doing a grandparent/grandchild camp. My aunt and one of granddaughters (that Remi knows and likes) are going too. So I think he will be fine - basically. But as I was putting him to bed last night he told me, "Mom, I can already feel the missing you starting." Poor kid - just like me. LOL! I told him that he will be fine and he will be with grammy so it will be so fun - dang, I hate lying to my kid! But maybe he will really like it once he is there. He does have a great time when he is with my mom. He can stay with her for three days and not bat an eye. They have hiking and horseback riding and crafts and games and the big penny carnival a the end. SO I think there will be lots of fun I just hope he enjoys himself.

So we are getting him all packed today - gotta run to the store and buy him some hiking type boots. And then we are headed to the Rockies game tonight. We are going with my dad, my brother and his girlfriend and who knows who else. Dad traded our tickets out with another person in our row so we have the whole row of tickets tonight. The best part of the game - tornadoughs!! They are these absolutely delicious soft pretzel on a stick thing that they bathe in butter and then cover with Parmesan cheese (or cinnamon and sugar but I never get that). They are the best!!! In fact being the scrapbooker I am I should take my camera and take a picture tonight so I can do a layout about them. LOL!

After the game Remi is going to go home with my dad and then my mom will pick him up there in the morning to head to camp until Wed. I am gonna miss him like crazy!! He is such a good kid and I miss having him around when he is not here. But hopefully he will be having a great time.

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Catherine said...

Hope Remi has a wonderful time at camp! And WTG getting this updated....I've been checking every day! :)