Monday, July 24, 2006

Back Home

I got back home after 5 days in Chicago with the girls of ScrapAddict. What a wonderful trip! I absolutely loved meeting everyone in person! It was so fun to put actual voices with names and faces. I first met Linda, Jess, Felicia and Carole (the Nana). Linda is great! She is like me in that she enjoys know the who is who in the scrapping world and it was fun to have someone watching out for those folks with me. We would see someone at the show and just look across at each other like - Did you just see _____ (fill in the blank because all the biggies were there!). She is so nice and I really enjoyed talking with her. Jess is sooo young! And I admired her way with kids - her kiddos are very lucky. She is a great mom I am sure! Both of Felicia's girls were totally taken with her and she was great! Felicia looked sooo young too. I guess they both are compared to me! LOL! I loved the store and going to the show with her. She has a huge job running SA and does it well. She was sooo nice to let us all stay at her house. We were quite a load of people to invade her home. And the meatballs she made with the pasta the first night were sooo good!! And the Nana! What a great woman she is! She is just awesome! I loved her personality and I love her relationship with her grandkids. What a wonderful woman! Next I met Julie. She is just like I imagined her to be a put together and fun person to be around. I loved talking to her and getting to know her in person. The we met Melanie. What an absolutely sweet person. She was fun to connect with! I think she was the person that most surprised me in real life - her voice was so much deeper then I imagined. I also got to meet Carol one of Felicia's newest members of the DT. She helps Felicia pack kits and I can see just how much help she is for Felicia. And was a great person! I really like her!

I also had a great time at the show. It was sooo fun to see the famous scrappers and soooo fun to see all the new product that is coming out. Felicia was really great about letting us help her pick out stuff for the kits in the upcoming months and that was great to have that input. It is amazing how big the show was! After one day we had only gotten through like 4 of 100 rows of booths! Crazy! But it has been something I have wanted to do since I got seriously into scrapping. This has always been on my list to get to one of these types of shows so I am glad to have finally done it.

But I was soooo happy to be home too! Nothing is better then pulling up the street and having both kids and Jock waiting out side and running to greet me at the car! I missed my family a lot!! They did great without me but it was a long time away and I was really ready to snuggle up those kids!

So today we are trying to get back on our routine. I need to get some wash done and the house picked up (was the cleaning lady really here just last Friday???). And I plan to spend a lot of time with my kiddos today just enjoying them!


Bonni said...

sounds like you had a blast! You're right though, nothing like home, huh?

Jessica Bellus Photography said...

Aww.. thanks for the sweet comments.. LOL.. its funny now how when I read all of your posts.. I can hear you talking in my head ;) Im Glad we got to meet.. and I hope to see you in Anahiem ;)