Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Where does summer go???

I can not believe that school starts in two and a half weeks! Last year we had a blast going to the pool almost everyday in the summer. We swam and hung out and it was soooo much fun! I was planning on doing the same thing this year and we have only really gotten there a handful of times. And I don't know what we are doing instead but we just don't get up there to the pool.

And I had these great hopes of doing lots of school work with Remi - reading practice and helping him get his math facts really down. And while we have done quite a bit of school work we have not done as much as I hoped. I am really nervous for him for third grade - all the CSAP tests start along with all the other testing that they already do for the district. It is actually crazy and I wish I could just say that I don't care but I do and I want him to do well. Even though all the testing is just out of control I still want him to do well.

So we are down to the last days of summer and have tons of things all ready to be jammed in to the last days. We are not going to go sliding into school easily!! We are going to fight it and have as much fun in the last days of summer that we can have.

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Catherine said...

I'm starting to itch for the school routine and although my kids won't admit it, they're looking for something to do....