Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Class Reunion

My 20 year high school reunion is this weekend. Because of tons of other things going on this weekend we are only going to the Friday night "event". The other thing is that the Saturday night thing was a hundred dollars per person and while we could have gone I just thought that was a bit expensive for something that I am half dreading and half thinking it will be ok. You know in high school I was totally different - I mean thank goodness I am still not that kid. And I am sure that many others are different but what it boils down to is do I really care who they are?? LOL! I still talk to my two best friends from high school. We don't see each other a lot but I talk to the on and off. And when it gets right down to it maybe they are the only ones that I really care to see. But then I ready over the list of who is coming and there are others that it will be fun to catch up with. I am dragging Jock with me as my security blanket. LOL! What a nice guy - he has not once said he didn't want to go. At my 10 year reunion my friend Beth and I went together and it was good because Jock and her hubby, Rich, know each other so they were able to hang out and talk. But Beth is not going this time so I am just dragging Jock along by himself with no buddy.

I did get an invitation for a pre party at an old friend's house and so we are going to try to go to that first just to break the ice. I think that will be good.

Now, the important part - I have no idea what to wear! And is it too late to schedule some sort of lipo procedure! LOL! I don't' know why I decided to go!!!! My only hope is that it turns out to be a fun night.

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Catherine said...

I just hope you don't need those shoes from Felicia's house!