Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

I am feeling like the queen of overscheduling a kid!! I am trying very hard to figure out the balance for Remi - how much choice do I give him and how much do I dictate to him. He is doing and continues to love karate. I ,on the other hand, am finding more and more things that annoy me about the man instructor - I love his wife and many of the other brown and black belt asst instructors though. But he needs to be at karate at least twice a week but the days and times are somewhat flexibile. Next, Remi was so upset when we accidently missed the sign up deadline for soccer last year so when I got the sign up this year I asked and he wanted to do soccer. So nowhere is doing soccer - twice a week practices for now and then in a few weeks two games per weeks and maybe an extra practice. Plus there is, of course, school which is not easy for him and his homework takes him so much longer then I suspect it take many other kids. Oh, and in Sept there is a karate sparring tournament that he really wants to do but to be successful with that he really needs to go to karate on Fri evenings as well as the other two days. SOOOOOOO, that means, Mon - karate, Tues - soccer, Wed - karate, Thurs - soccer, Fri - karate, Sat - soccer!!! That is something everyday except Sunday!! That is crazy - isn't it? But he like is all and wants to do it all and he does not seem to be overwhelmed. I feel like I am constantly looking at my watch. Take yesterday for example - he wanted a friend to some over after school - fine I am thinking backwards - we read and then bed at 8:00, brush teeth and silent read at 7:45, home from karate around 7:20, karate class 6:00 to 7:15, homework and dinner from 5:00 to 6:00 and then I finally tell his friend's mom I'll bring her home around 5:00. On the up side he had a great time playing with his friend and then we rushed enough to get dinner eaten and homework done before karate so all was well, but man do I feel like I have every second of his life scheduled. But it is stuff he wants to do. When do I step in and tell him it is too much?? For now I am watching two things closely - one is he able to get his school work done and done well in the time we have and two is he still enjoying all of his activities. And I guess as long as those things are still good he is good. But I am run ragged!!! LOL!

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Laura said...

My brother ran into this with my niece but like you said...she enjoyed all the sports and was keeping her grads (all A's) up so how could he NOT let her?! They did find carpooling for sports practice helped. Good luck!