Friday, August 11, 2006

Autograph City!!!

This week will go down in Kramer history as the week of autographs! It started last Mon with a trip to the Sky Sox baseball game. After the last game when Remi got a bat, ball and autographs from the opposing team, he wanted to go early and see if he could get autographs from the Sky Sox. So as soon as they were on the field, Remi went to the fence and I swear he got like 80% of the players. There are some great minor league players on the Sky Sox that will probably play for the Rockies or other pro teams so it was fun for Remi to get those autographs. And when Pap got to the game he was pretty into all the autographs that Remi got as well. Jock liked hanging down by the field because he got to talk with Tommy Runnells. He is the manager for the Sky Sox and was a good friend of Jock's older brother Tom. I think Jock has always kind of had that younger brother stars in his eyes about Tommy - a friend that he looked up to. So it was fun for them to have a chance to catch up too.

The the week of autographs continued with a trip to the International golf tournament on Wed. We went Wed because we had been told that the players are pretty laid back on Wed and will talk to you and sign autographs. So out we went. First off, Castle Pines is a beautiful course with AMAZING houses on the course!!! I love going there just for the sights! But as we arrived we were at the 17th hole and got Rich Beem's autograph - he has won a few different tournaments and seems like a good down to earth guy. Then we were off!! We got Justin Leonard (spelling???) - he was the nicest guy!! Talked to Remi and was really great! Then we got a few others while making our way to where Fred Couples was playing. He is Jock's all time fav player so I made sure we saw him. And even tough Jock is not into the whole autograph thing I could tell that he loved getting that one! We continued to walk up and down the HUGE hills and getting more autographs. At the end of the day we got to where Phil Mickelson was playing. Remi was settled in and had a great spot for getting an autograph when we were told that he did not do autographs during the round. But he said that he would stay after the round and sign autographs for everyone. Unfortunately, we had to get home since Peyton was with a baby sitter but we will be back next year for sure!! The photos are Phil Mickelson and Greg Norman (who we were told NEVER stops for autographs - yet my kid got him to stop sign and chat for a minute! LOL!). I of course have tons more photos but I just thought I would share a few.


Jessica Bellus Photography said...

Outstanding.. Im sure he was in Hog heaven! Sounds like a great time ;)

Laura said...

I just realized you have a link in your sa siggy to your blog! :D

Wow how exciting! I'm glad they don't all push off the fans. It's so thrilling, especially for kids, when they take time out to talk and give an autograph.