Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Big Fantasy Football Draft

A few years ago my brother's fantasy football league needed a few new players so he asked us to join. We thought it would be fun and decided to join up. Little did we know how out of out league we were. These are guys that buy the NFL package and have multiple TV's in the room so they can see all the games going and if someone has a hint of an injury they are on the computer picking up the back up. It is crazy!! My brother has seriously been studying for months. And I mean studying - reading hundreds of on line sites, buying magazine, watching the football show, making list after list of players at each position and the pluses and minuses to having them on your team. As for our team - Jock and I sat down about an hour before the draft and talked for a few minutes. Because we finished last, yes last, at the end of last year we got the first draft choice this year. We decided to choose LaDanian Thomlinson. And that was a bout all we knew we talked about a few other people and read a few other things and then we were ready to go. At the end of the day I think our team could be ok, we drafted more rookies then we probably should have but maybe one of them will take off and we will have the key to the first place win. But I am not going to hold my breath. The good thing about playing this is that I do enjoy watching a lot more football then I used to and it is fun to follow our team - I get back to you on how our team does this year.

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Julie said...

Greg just had his fantasy football draft here last night! some of those guys crack me up with their big ol binders of even wanted to make sure our wireless connection was up so he could be connected to late breaking news!@