Monday, August 28, 2006

Back from the ER with Peyton

Poor Peyton had an allergic reaction to something - what we have no idea - but she puffed up and got hives and splotches and looked like a mess!! We called the pediatrician and the on call person wanted us to take her to the ER thinking that there could be a problem if her airways got swollen. She has had an odd little like rash on her tummy over the weekend but I just thought it was a reaction to heat or an irritation from her clothes or something. Then this afternoon Peyton kinds started getting red splotches - they started on the inside of her thighs I thought it was her diaper that was wet and had somehow irritated her. I changed her and put a little Cortizone on her. Then she got a little red spot around her month. But I was headed to work out and Jock was taking Remi to soccer and Peyton was going with him. So off they went. When they got back she was much worse and her feet and hands were swollen. She kept thinking something was on her foot because it felt so funny and she kept wanting me to look at her hands and she would open and close her finger - I think it felt really funny. Then I noticed that her face was getting redder and had more spots on it and she also had a mosquito like bump right by her eye that seemed to be growing. So we called dthe doc and were told to take her in. When we got there she was already looking better. The examined her and determined that there was probably no immediate threat so they sent us to the waiting room. Where we sat for more than an hour! By that time she looked even better and I was about to tell them never mind and head home, But they got us in and the doctor looked at her and said yup, she is allergic to something - what who knows?? And now that it is basically cleared up you can go home(thanks so much for the $$$) LOL! But I feel good that we went and checked it out just in case.

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Catherine said...

Glad she's feeling better and the blotches are gone!