Wednesday, August 16, 2006

3rd Grade

We went up last night to see who Remington's 3rd grade teacher is. I don't know why I was so anxious and nervous to find out - I know her name now but still don't know much else. Her name is Mrs. Ottmer. I do not think it is the teacher that Remi said yells at the kids in the halls. So that is good. A lady that I know that was there said her daughter had Mrs. Ottmer for math and didn't really like her. Of course I am not sure about this lady or her daughter's judgment and if it would be the same as mine. So I am not worrying yet. The good news is that Griffin is in his class. All of the other kids in the neighborhood that Remi was friends with have moved away except Griffin so I was really hoping that they would be in the same class again this year and be able to get to be better friends.

Today we head up to school in the evening to deliver school supplies and meet his teacher so I am looking forward to meeting her and checking out his classroom and all. Third grade is a big thing here in Colorado - a lot of the state testing begins and it is a lot more serious so I am just hoping that he has a great teacher that can help him out and be a great support for him this year. I have my fingers crossed!!!

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Laura said...

I remember the days of waiting to find out who my teacher would be then not knowing who it was. LOL
I hope she is a great teacher for Remi! How cool that his friend is in the same class too!