Saturday, August 19, 2006


Here is the next page done for my comparison album. These are the hospital photos of each of the kids. Remi's was done the day after he was born as we were heading home from the hospital. I love how it turned out! What a little cutie he is!! I love his little hand and his sweet little mouth! Darling child! ;) And Peyton's was done at just short of two weeks after she was born. She was in NICU for 9 days so we could not have done it then obviously and then the day we left was a Saturday and the picture people were not there and so I had to bring her back I am thinking like the Mon or Tues after that so she was 11 or 12 days old. Her picture did not turn out quite as sweet but I do love her little lips! And the dress she is wearing is one that Remi picked out for her when Papa took him shopping the day she was born. And she too is a darling child!!


Julie said...

i love the idea of a comparison album!!

Laura said...

What a fun and adorable page!!! They are both so cute!

Catherine said...

The comparison idea is so great!