Saturday, August 05, 2006

My Reunion

Well, last night was the big night - the reunion. We went to a pre-party hosted by one of my close friends from high school and that was really fun to go and catch up with some of the people that I was close to. And I gotta say, Cathy, one of my two best friends from high school, is just the sweetest person! I just love her! We do talk on and off but spending that time with her really made me realize how much I miss seeing her on a more regular basis. She is truly one of those really nice and truly selfless people. What a great person! I loved spending time with her!

As for the rest of the reunion. It was ok. LOL! I did catch up with a number of people that I had not seen since the 10 year reunion or before. It is amazing how many of my classmate still live in the Boulder area. I was really shocked to see how many lived in Superior. A trip to the grocery store there would about guarantee that you would see 10 people that we graduated with. LOL! A number of people had moved to CA and then I saw a couple of folks in TX and that was about it. Amazing what homebodies we are. But really, why would you leave beautiful Boulder if you didn't have to?

Jock was a great sport and went and smiled and laughed and tried to converse with people. The downside of the whole thing was the place they choose. It was a bar that has a dueling piano show. That may be great and very entertaining on another night but boy it made it hard to talk! People were yelling at the top of their lungs and still it was almost impossible to hear. I think that I would have stayed longer but I just couldn't take it any more so we left at about 10:30. I half wish we were going tonight just to be able to talk to people in a better atmosphere tonight but really it is ok.

But from that I did learn that I really want to try to get together with Cathy and Beth more often.

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Jessica Bellus Photography said...

sounds like it was an ok time.. sucky about the music being so loud tho..

My 10 year is next year.. it will be interesting to say the least.. but I am looking forward to it ;)