Friday, August 18, 2006

School so far....

Well, Remi made it through the first day of school fine. When I picked him up he said it was a great day - of course then he tripped getting into the the car which he said was my fault since I parked on a hill (inset eye roll here!!) and then had a bug bite on his neck and cried the whole way home!! LOL!! But I do think he had a great day and after about 20 minutes he called Jock to tell him about the day and he got a minute by minute report of all the happenings. I was glad I listened in because I still had not gotten a word out of him.

I really think we lucked out and got another great teacher! She is young and really seems into teaching. Her class had 100% Proficient on CSAP last year and 80% of those were Advanced!! WOW! When the state average is something in like the 60% area for Proficient and like maybe 10% for Advanced that is HUGE!! I have heard that she is an outstanding math teacher. And since that is Rem's strong suit hopefully that will bode well for their relationship. She does a lot of team teaching with another one of the third grade teachers. I think Mrs. Ottmer handles the math and this other teacher handles there reading. Because of Remi's struggles with reading we have requested a meeting next week to follow up on our plan from last year and meet the other teacher and hopefully get Rem off to a great start! I sooooo want this to be a good year for him! I really believe that he is on the verge of a reading breakthrough - he may never love reading but at least so it is not soooo hard for him would be great!

But he is back at school and it is almost strange to be back in the mode of just Peyton and I being around together. Just me and my little girl. But we are getting into the swing. She starts Kindermusik with a new teacher next week which she will be sooo excited to get back into even if it is with someone other then Julie. And then she starts Mom's Morning Out after Labor day. So here we come fall!! LOL!

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Laura said...

Oh good, I'm glad you have such a positive outlook on his teacher. Sounds like she is going to be great!
Enjoy your days with Peyton!