Thursday, August 03, 2006

Baseball Goodies

We do a trade with the Colorado Sky Sox minor league team here in the Springs for storage bins and they give us lots and lots of tickets to games. We get lots of regular tickets, lots of box seat tickets, some tickets to the suites and this year we got one day at the hot tub in outfield. It is fun to go to the games and we always enjoy going. Last night we had tickets to the suite and it was a beautiful Colorado summer evening. So much fun to go and watch the game. As we were wandering around we saw two of Remi's good friends there. After some minor "issues" with one of the boys he decided to go home so Remi went down and sat with the other boy who was sitting in the front row by the visiting team. Somehow one of the players told Remi during the game that he might be able to give Remi his broken bat after the game. So although we were ready to leave before the end of the game Remi talked us into staying and sure enough at the end of the game he got a bat!! It was a player named J.R. House that game him the bat. Remi was sooooooo excited! He ran after the player the whole way up the stairs yelling, "Thanks, sir!!! Thanks a lot!!!" LOL! I think Mr. J.R. House knows that he made my kid's night! And while Remi was waiting for one of the players to pass and give him a bat a few other players and coaches came by and gave him their autographs. One of the autographs he got was Spike Owen - the team's coach. Apparently, his played for the Red Sox and was in the 1986 World Series against the Mets (at least I think that is what Jock said). So Remi left the park one happy kid! He loved my dad's collection of baseball memorabilia and was sooo excited to get a bat to add to his own collection!

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Julie said...

that is so great! i LOVE it when players remember what it was like to be a little kid idolizing baseball pros and do something like that for them!