Thursday, July 13, 2006

Home Alone

...well kinda. Jock just left for a golf trip in the mountains. Dad and his friends used to do this forever. Go up to the mountains for four or five days and play the beautiful mountain courses. They usually play two courses a day and then find time for poker in the evening. The classic guys weekend. When Jock was in the golf business they realized that he could get them on great courses and usually for a better price (mountain golf is waaay expensive!!) So they started inviting Jock to come along. Now, the "Mountain Tour" ,as it is refered to, is Jock's responsibility and for the most part it is Jock, my brother and their friends are the people who go. They still invite the "old" guys but the new generation has definately taken hold of the Mountain Tour.

So, anyway, that leaves the kiddos and I here to fend for ourselves for the weekend. We are finally out of the rainy spell so I am thinking that there is a trip to the pool each day in our future. And since Remi just got back from camp last night (which, unlike his mom, he absolutely loved!!) he is aching to play with his friends so I am sure there will be a house full of kids here too. And then I plan to spend every evening in the scrapbook room. My first order of business is to put some layouts in albums. My LSS is discontinuing some albums and is having a great sale - 50% off if you buy 3+ albums. So I bought 6 KI 12x12 albums (3 for each kid) last night and I am ready to fill those babies up!! I also have one last undone old challenge from SA to catch up on - scraplift myself. Then there is my continuing quest to catch up on my Donna Downey class and keep up to date on the Product Playground class. So, I am looking forward to just having some uninterupted scrapping time. I think I should be getting a few "chick" flicks in the mail today from Netflicks so I am set for the weekend. Oh, and lastly, I need to gather up what scrapping stuff I am taking to Chicago next week. I can't believe it is finally here!! Only a week away!! Yipee!!

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Jessica Bellus Photography said...

Enjoy your weekend, hope its pretty calm. I still have to figure out what Im bringing as well..