Sunday, July 16, 2006

Word to describe me - by my kids

One of the blog challenges on SA is to have your kids describe you. I'll tell you Remi gained a lot of points on this one!!! What a sweetie!

Here is Remi's list:
1. mom
2. beautiful
3. "trustful"
4. lovable
5. coldness (he likes that I am always cold because he is always hot and he can "steal my cold")
6. kissable and hugable

Here are Peyton's - a bit more off the wall. I reworded for her and asked her what I did for her that she liked:
1. car - I am thinking this is drive her in the car.
2. toy - don't know if this is buy her toys or play with her and her toys.
3. words - Not sure on this - maybe teach her words???
4. mommy
5. hold

A fun challenge and I can't wait to do the page about it!

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